On behalf of the UPSES and its Board of Directors, I want to wish you all a Happy Easter! This is a time to cherish our loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime. Easter is also the start of our Festa season, as we begin the first week of our six Weekly Coronations next weekend.

The seven weeks of Easter which concludes on Pentecost Sunday, in which we celebrate our “Festa do Divino EspĂ­rito Santo,” Feast of the Holy Spirit, are reminders of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit we receive in Confirmation. A family is chosen for each of the seven weeks following Easter and accepts the “Coroa,” crown, in their home in a place of honor symbolic of Queen Saint Isabel’s royalty. The scepter of the crown is accented by a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit whose love was so manifest in Queen Saint Isabel’s life. The platter, serving as a stand for the crown and scepter, represents the people. If we are true followers of Jesus Christ, we become must become a platter that serves others. As a plate holds food which is given to the hungry, we are called to actively serve like Saint Isabel, not only to be touched interiorly by God’s Holy Spirit, but to see the Divine Touch transformed into the visible reality of serving others in their spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends and join us to embark on our journey to celebrate the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit during this Easter season which concludes on our Feast of the Holy Spirit, June 2 to June 4th. We will have an itinerary of events posted soon so please be on the lookout and don’t miss out on this great weekend!

God Bless,

Daniel A. Silva
United Portuguese SES Inc.
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San Diego, CA 92106
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