Buy cheap medicines legally from online pharmacies

Buy cheap medicines legally from online pharmacies

The number of requests for buying medications online has been growing steadily since 2014. Moreover, the Internet is becoming a vital health consultant for users. Because medicines are not a daily necessity, people do not order them as often as so purchases do not occur as often as some FMCG. Still, regularly: more than half of online medication buyers purchase more often than once in three months.

Hillcrest Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.1)
  • 120 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, United States
  • (619) 260-1010

Very Professional staff. Always willing to go above and beyond to help a customer out. Since I’ve started coming to sure drugs, I don’t use any other pharmacy. Day by day, they work on making things convenient for their customers, like the new mobile app. Do ask them for more info about it, and be sure to sign up for it.

Once again, I have called to get information about a prescription, and the first thing I hear on the phone is an annoyed employee who says Can I put you on hold click. Even when you are busy or when a customer calls 30 minutes after opening, you must maintain a sense of professionalism. The proper way to answer the phone is Hi, thank you for calling Hillcrest Pharmacy. I am currently assisting another customer. Can I place you in the brief hold? I’ve tried to refill my prescriptions on the app; however, some require a prior authorization which can’t be completed unless a pharmacy staff member or I speak with my doctor’s office. Instead of sending the doctor the authorization for approval, the pharmacy staff will automatically charge you the amount you’d have to pay without the authorization. Or their best offer is to give you a coupon. Uh no, if the prescription is cheaper with the PA, then I want that price. I have to pick up this prescription at Brent-Air this weekend; however, come Tuesday morning, I suppose I’ll go to Kroger, CVS, HEB, Walgreens, or even Walmart down the road.

Ralphs Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.0)
  • 101 G St, San Diego, CA 92101, United States
  • (619) 237-7660

I tried to purchase a medical device from this Ralphs Pharmacy. Two weeks waiting, they want to rent you the unit, not sell it, and they do not understand that. Customer service is rude, unprofessional, and lacks basic knowledge of medical devices. Just awful service all around.

My sister did not feel well last Monday, so I decided to go to this drug store to buy some medication. They really helped me and offered me options on what to buy, so I was really impressed by their pharmacists. I just want to thank them for being so welcoming and supportive!

Point Loma Cabrillo Drug (CSAT: 4.7)
  • 955 Catalina Blvd suite a-102, San Diego, CA 92106, United States
  • (619) 630-2710

The worse pharmacy in this area. They never have the medication, and they always lied to the patient about when the medication will be available. The staff is unprofessional and evil. They will hang up the phone on you if you’re asking questions. Very rude and nasty. I would never ever go there again or recommend anyone to that Point Loma Cabrillo Drug.

The ladies at the front desk are very helpful, friendly, and nice. I have done research to find out a good pharmacy to pick up my prescription, given that there are so many low-rated places out there. I also went a long way to get here, but it worthies it.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.6)
  • 621 I St, Chula Vista, CA 91910, United States
  • (619) 407-4057

I’ve been a customer for almost 2 yrs, and I can say Xpress Lane is the best pharmacy there is. The staff is always friendly, kind, and professional. The Pharmacist, Lev is great. He treats everyone with compassion and kindness. If he doesn’t have what you need (which is rare), he will order it. I highly recommend ViaQX Pharmacy to everyone. The bigger chains are all about advertising; Viaqx gives you that family feel. Great job, guys!

I’ve never had a problem. I’ve used them for the last two years. If my script was a little higher than expected, they help with an RX savings card. Good customer service, and the app is extremely easy to use.