2022 Queen Jenavieve Dutra

Ever since I stepped into a Festa dress when I was a little girl, I knew one day I wanted to be Queen.  I was overwhelmed with emotions when our family was announced as the 2020 Festa Family.  I was young and wanted to make sure that I represented our community with honor.  Then with a snap of a finger it was all taken away by a horrible pandemic that took so much from all of us. 

The pandemic forced us into change that no one was ready for.  People lost their jobs, students learned from home on zoom and families learned to be apart from one another.  I genuinely believe that I have learned a lot about myself and the responsibilities of what a Queen is.  Instead of looking at all the negatives the Coronavirus caused I look at the positives.  It gave me time to grow, mature, feel strong and proud to represent our community especially with all the support I witnessed being sent to our family during this terrible time. 

I am truly honored to represent our community as your 2022 Festa Queen.  I remember how proud I was when I represented the 2014 Festa as your Small Queen and I look forward to having that feeling again.  I am so grateful that my parents have given me this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

I know that our family, friends and the community will help guide us through the next year to make our Festa a successful one.  I look forward to embracing this tradition and soaking it all in.  I see a bright and great year ahead being your 112th Festa do Espírito Santo Queen.