2020 Festa Queen Jenavieve Dutra

Ever since I stepped into a Festa dress when I was a little girl, I knew one day I wanted to be Queen. When I was in my Godfather’s Festa in 2014, I felt so honored to represent the Small Queen for the Valadão Family and I loved every minute of it. Over the years I was always in awe of the “big” Queens and wished that one day I would be the main Queen representing Queen Saint Isabel of Portugal and our Portuguese community.  When my parents told us that they were planning on putting our names in for Festa 2021, I was excited and ready, but it was still a ways off.  Then when at the last minute they decided to try for Festa 2020, I was nervous and a bit scared.  I thought I had more time to mentally prepare and taking Festa 2020 meant we needed to be ready now!  After our family was announced for Festa 2020 at the night of the Queen’s ball, I saw how much support we received from the community.  So many people congratulated us that night and were so happy for us; I could tell that this was the right decision for our family.  I know that our family, friends and the community will help guide us through the next year to make our Festa a successful one.  I look forward to a great year ahead and being your 110th Festa do Espírito Santo Queen.