2025 Festa Presidents' Message

Festa 2025

"...beyond proud and honored to be a part of this unique and special village! This one’s for you mom! ❤ "

2025 Festa Presidents:

Jason & Darlene Byrne

It is with great honor and pride that my husband Jason & I take on the role of the 2025 Festa Presidents. If you had told me a year ago that our family would be hosting the 2025 Festa do Espirito Santo, I would have said you were crazy! However, so much can happen in a year’s time. When my beloved mother, Yvonne Domingos entered hospice in the summer of 2024, I promised the Holy Spirit that I would put my name in to be the host family in her honor. And as fate would have it, with a literal draw of the hat, the Holy Spirit took me up on that promise. 

We are beyond grateful to be the 2025 Festa Presidents and have our eldest daughter Ava Marie represent our beloved Queen St. Isabel as your 2025 Festa Queen. The Holy Spirit has played an important role in the Domingos Family. My parents, Manuel and Yvonne Domingos held a strong devotion to the Holy Spirit and Festa was always a very special time for them. Both dedicated over 30 years of their time as volunteers in the kitchen and the bazaar. Festa was a tradition they both held dear and passed on to their daughters and granddaughters. A tradition rich in heritage, faith, family, friendship, and community.  

We want to thank all the members of the community who have offered their support and well wishes, it means the world to us to be bestowed such confidence and love. Thank you to all of those who do and have devoted countless hours of their lives to this special one-of-a-kind, holy, and beautiful tradition.

Thank you to those who have already stepped up to the various leadership and support roles needed for Festa 2025; the various fundraisers, the bazaar, the kitchen, the parade and countless other crucial roles in putting together this amazing event. It is truly a group effort and our community’s outpouring of support and dedication is amazing!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the various fundraisers throughout the year and working with all those who love this tradition as much as we do! As we celebrate the 115th year of this beloved event, we aim to embody the example of Queen St. Isabel in all that we do and are blessed and highly honored to be the 2025 Festa do Espirito Santo host family. 

It truly takes a village to put this on and Jason, Ava, Olivia and I are beyond proud and honored to be a part of this unique and special village! This one’s for you mom! ❤ 

Jason & Darlene Byrne