Portuguese-American Dancers of San Diego

The Portuguese-American Dancers of San Diego was founded by Mary Moniz in 1948.

The group has performed in numerous shows, festivals throughout the U.S. and in Portugal.

We are keeping Portuguese Customs and Traditions alive by teaching an appreciation for Portuguese Culture through traditional music, songs and dance.

The group represents many things for many people, but first and foremost it is most representative of a large family; one in which one of the most important aspects is the preservation and celebration of Portuguese culture and traditions.

As such, one of the things that makes this group so special is the fact that we as a group focus on traditions that are representative of not just one region. Instead we have traditional outfits and songs of multiple regions comprising mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira Islands. These outfits represent snippets of culture and traditions which have been passed down over time from one generation to the next.

We strive to expose those of the next generation to these traditions and instill within them the sense of accomplishment and success that comes in keeping this culture alive.

We are currently looking for boys ages 8 – .

The junior group practices on Monday afternoon.

The senior group practices on Monday evening.

For more info please call or text (619) 726-6685 or email Theresegarces@icloud.com