2024 UPSES President's Message

2024 UPSES President Babita Souza

Festa President Babita Souza

"Together we can do great things."

I am honored to be your 2024 incoming President.

I want to acknowledge the leadership of past president Daniel Silva and all his hard work in these last years and his executive board Karinna Feliciano, Bridgette Mack, and Natalie A. Virrissimo,  you all did an amazing job.

I am excited to welcome the 2024 Executive Board:

  • Vice President Therese Garces
  • Secretary Juliette Turner
  • Treasurer Natalie A Virrissimo

Board Members

Alex Branco, Andrea da Luz, Annette Balelo, Ashley Barandiaran, Barbara Hosaka, Berlyn Balelo, Bridget Schoeffel our 2024 Festa president, Cici Drummond, Darlene Byrne, Deo Holmquist, Dinisa Valadao, Evelyn Feliciano, Grace Rosa, Jacqueline Neves, Jenna Lacoco, Karinna Feliciano, Kelly Madruga, Marissa Bagaso, Mary Jane Warren, Ricardo Da Rosa, Sean Cerny, Tamy Branstetter, Tyler Goulart and Yvonne Siragusa.

I am certain that together we will fulfill all of our goals for this year.

As President, I’m looking forward to working with you. I know your devotion to the Holy Spirit combined with your great talents, experience, and love for this institution is greatly appreciated.

To the board members, who completed their terms, I thank you for your time and dedication and hope you still volunteer whenever possible.

To our community, I want you to know you are all appreciated and welcome to our Hall, and all our Festas, which we all hold close to our hearts to honor our faith and Portuguese heritage. This Hall is our anchor, not just for us in the present, but for generations to come.

Please continue to support us and encourage the younger generations to join us.

Please join us for all upcoming events and our Festa do Espirito Santo on the weekend of May 17th-19th, 2024.

In closing, I am here to serve you and I am truly honored to do so.



Babita Souza