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    The UPSES Hall has been chosen by the Portuguese government to make Consul Services more accessible to Portuguese in Southern California. A staff member from the Portuguese Consulate in San Francisco will travel to San Diego and through the use of portable stations will be able to provide a host of services.
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106th UPSES Festa

Festa 2016 Family Photo

Our family is honored and humbled to represent our Portuguese Community as your 2016 Presidents of the Festa do Espirito Santo. As some of you may know, this year will serve as the 4th generation of Festas hosted by our family. In 1959 my Great Grandparents John and Julia Reis had the privilege of being the 49th Festa Presidents, they were followed by my Grandparents Anibal and Mary Freitas in 1978. In 1990, my Parents Joe (Patock) and Marilyn Silveira continued the tradition and I had the honor of being Festa Queen. I cherish the moments spent with family and the bonds that were formed with the devoted, hard working and generous people that make it possible every year to carry on this tradition. It was truly a blessed year that I will forever hold in my heart. We are grateful to be able to pass this tradition on to our children. Our Family would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who gives of their time and talents for the Festa and the Portuguese Community. We look forward to working with you as the Holy Spirit guides us to make this another successful year. May Queen Saint Isabel inspire and guide you and may the Holy Spirit watch over you always!! Michael & Desiree Thierry & Family

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About United Portuguese S.E.S. Inc

San Diego’s Portuguese community today is made up of immigrants from the Azores, Madeira, and mainland Portugal going back five generations in some cases. As Portuguese, we have a natural pride in our traditions and in the global accomplishments of our ancestors. We strive to honor those who have come before us, preserve our traditions and customs, and instill in our youth the spirit of devotion to the Espirito Santo, so our community will go forward in faith and tradition, generation after generation.

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